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Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why Women Should Lift Weights


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For the women who want to get fit, strong, look and feel better, then you need to lift weights. You’re not going to morph into the next Hulk, but you’ll have a cracking physique.

The main reason for this is that men have testosterone and women have far less - they also don't respond as quickly to weight training as men do. Training with heavier weights will enable more calories to be burned, improve your strength and will shape your physique. In order for a woman to seriously bulk up, they would have to either train 3-4 times as hard and long (which just isn’t possible) or they would have to start using steroids or other hormone drugs that are out there today.

If you see any advertising for fitness magazines or supplement brands, where they show both men and women, you will often see the man having a ripped muscular physique, and the woman will look slim, toned, strong and athletic. That is the effect of a strong training and nutrition program with the aid of supplements. A lot of people view women who are very large and muscular as ‘abnormal’, and in a way, that’s because it is. It’s incredibly hard for a woman to pack on serious size without the aid of any form of drug. The male body has the ability to increase muscle size naturally with far more ease, so large, muscular men are viewed as normal.

There are many benefits to weight training, and they’re equally as important to both women and men. These include:


The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you’ll burn – think of them as little furnaces. So, by training with weights you’re not only going to shape your figure, but you’re going to burn body fat quicker too.


Not many people think of bones when it comes to weight training, but your bone density can actually increase with the use of weights. You may not be too bothered with bone density if you’re in your twenties, but your older self will thank you if you are.


Losing ‘weight’ in general can boost your confidence, but you may be left with a shapeless physique. However, losing body fat and shaping an athletic body will send your confidence through the roof. It’s not all about looks though. Progressing in the gym by training harder, training for longer, lifting heavier and consistently breaking personal bests will show you what hard work can achieve.

So, for the women who want to get in shape and create an athletic physique, don't be afraid of heavier weights and strength training. If you eat healthy, train hard, lift weights, you’ll develop a strong and natural looking body.