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How to be healthy when working from home

How to be healthy when working from home


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Working from home can easily increase your weight – not having to wake up at the same time as if you went to work every day, have access to your fridge, freezer and cupboards whenever you like, can drink what you like, can sit on the sofa in front of the TV ‘working’, the list goes on. So how can you stay fit and healthy?

1) Separate your work space

Do not work on your sofa, period. Set up a home office, somewhere you can focus and concentrate without the distractions of the TV and kitchen. The living room is for relaxing, watching TV and socialising. Bringing your work life into that area will simply cause problems, for your work and personal life.

2) Clean out your kitchen

Make sure you don’t have unhealthy snacks and drinks in the house – out of sight, out of mind. With being at home every day, that’s where you’re going to be having the majority of your meals and snacks, so most of them need to be fresh and healthy.

3) Schedule gym sessions and stick to them

Working from home allows you to be flexible with your workouts. You don’t have to try and fit in a quick workout at lunch or before work, you can fit it in around your schedule for the day. Some people will have a fairly strict working schedule even when working from home, but it will still be more relaxed than if you were in the office. Plan your workouts, put them in your daily schedule and stick to them.

4) Keep a work schedule

Don’t wake up every day not knowing what you’re doing and when. Would you do that if you worked in an office? No, so don’t do it at home. By keeping a work schedule, you will know what you’re doing and when, which can help to fit in workouts, stretching (if you sit down a lot for work), planning your daily meals and so on.

5) Get ready for work as normal

This is a more useful tip than you might think. If you wake up and don’t bother getting showered, dressed and have breakfast, you will feel sluggish due to a lack of food and water in the morning, you won’t be as focused as you need to be, and more likely to be distracted by your favourite boxset on TV. So, get up and get ready as normal – no, you don’t have to ‘suit up’ to work from home, but you get the point.

Working from home can actually give you an advantage when it comes to health and fitness, so don’t waste it.