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Boost your testosterone

Boost your testosterone


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You will be able to tell if you’re low in testosterone, with both physical and mental symptoms. The physical ones being a struggle to build and maintain muscle mass and an increased tendency of fat storage. The mental ones include fatigue, irritability and even low libido. Here are some proven natural testosterone boosting supplements which can help you.

1) Creatine | A small acid that replenishes ATP (energy), and is a well known supplement to increase the rate of muscle growth and strength. Studies have shown that creatine can help to boost testosterone levels by around 20%. It’s found in foods such as red meat, but it’s probably best to take it in supplement form – around 5-10g daily with plenty of water.

2) Magnesium | A very busy mineral indeed – used in more than 300 functions within your body in fact, and plays a role in maintaining testosterone levels. The downside to it, is that it can be lost through sweat – bad news for us lifters! So, by supplementing with magnesium, you can ensure your body is receiving enough. However, taking too much and you could suffer from some stomach issues.

3) vitamin D | One of the most talked about vitamins at the moment – due to being in the UK, we don’t get enough sun to take in the correct levels, so a supplement is vital. Multiple studies have shown a link between a vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone levels. After supplementing with vitamin D, those testosterone levels have then increased.

4) Zinc | Many brands and individuals promote this supplement as a natural T booster, but it’s only really effective if you’re low in testosterone, not just someone looking for a surge in testosterone. Just like magnesium, zinc is lost through sweat, so those stores need to be replenished. A high dose zinc supplement should only be taken if you know for a fact that you’re low in testosterone (diagnosed by your doctor), otherwise it can cause some pretty nasty gastro issues.