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Hench Dipping Belt


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Hench Sportswear

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The Hench Dipping Belt is ideal for increasing your weight whilst performing various dipping and chinning exercises. Made from thick neoprene, our one size fits all belt has an extra wide padded back support to ensure a comfortable fit whilst sitting on your lower back. In addition, the welded chrome chain has been designed to provide sufficient length to hold several gym plates.


  • - Perfect for adding weight when dipping/chinning
  • - Hard wearing, thick neoprene material
  • - Long enough to hold several gym plates
  • - Extra wide padded back support

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Suggested Use

  • - Place padded area on your lower back and thread chain through the left ring.
  • - Thread the chain through plated weights and attach clip to right ring.
  • - Let weights hang between your legs whilst performing exercise.

  • - If not completely sure, we recommend seeking the advice of a fitness expert.